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As natural subjects in the Africana Diaspora, we must always recognize the value in proclaiming the rich, and yet, greatly untold historicity of The Motherland and the debilitating results of the Africa MAAFA, the scattering, that coincidentally, forged a race of greater stamina, with global and diverse cultures that have maintained vibrancy since primeval antiquity to the present-day. For too long, academia has allowed ubiquitous and prejudicial writings, mythical ideas and diabolical fables that Africa’s contributions to global progress have been very limited, and/or questionable, if there have been any humanitarian achievements or accomplishments what so ever, since to many, Africa remains that “Dark Continent.” Understanding that America has more than 45,000.000 citizens of African origin, and yet, the persistency of such inane ideas, practices and advocacies, gives sufficient reason to insist on the mandatory teachings, to some degree, of African Education in the public school systems across the nation.


Special Announcements and Upcoming Events:

The Sixth Annual International Africa MAAFA Remembrance Day, October 6th and 7th, 2017: Parallelisms of Slavery in African-American and Afro-Cuban Cultures; Speakers: Mary Ludwig, James Peebles and Grete Viddal. More information to come.

The Fourth Black Studies Symposium: “The Other Side of the Mountain“, February 16th and 17th, 2018. The purpose is to focus attention on the ‘Others,’ those unheralded heroes and heroines who generated 400 years of African-American struggle but have been lost and forgotten somewhere along the climb.

The Inaugural Cheyenne African-American Film Festival; highlighting long ago and forgotten black pioneer film producers: Oscar Micheaux, Spencer Williams, Zora Neal Hurston and James and Eloyce Gist.These pioneers were truly innovated. Tentative date TBA

GALA CITYWIDE FUND RAISER to support: the Children on the Outside.  July, 2017



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Purpose and Mission: Organized indisputably as an educational institute to promote and advocate to academia and to all citizenry, at local, state and International levels- the ardent desire to study and become informed in African Diaspora civilizations and how to share this enlightenment with others.
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