Elmina Castle, erected in 1482, as Sao Jorge de Mina to later become the Portuguese slave holding pens– a haunting place of misery—bulging on the coast of Ghana, West Africa from whence commenced the most diabolical, torturous, and genocidal treatments ever imposed upon humanity. From this historical point was the making of the Africa MAAFA, the notorious scattering of African peoples from one global sphere to the other longitudinal and latitudinal wise.

THE LANDS OF OUR FATHERS is a potpourri of original photographic scenes from points here and there with persistent information of an early African presence in specific countries throughout the world, some indigenously originated, while others resulted from the Atlantic Slave trade.

Beyond the shores of the Motherland, Africans have populated countries and territories the world over; notably: Arabia, India, The Near and Far East, Spain and other corners of Eurasia, Oceania and most of the Americas with Brazil boasting of having the largest African population outside the African Continent. See the Lost Treasure of King Juba: The Evidence of Africans in America Before Columbus.

Regardless of voluminous documentation and reliable information that continuously fill library and bookstore shelves, there remains a contention of professionals who quickly dispute any mentioning of African wonders and are wreaked with shock and awe when told that before the Africa MAAFA, (the scattering), Africans had migrated to the New World, perhaps, millenniums before the idea ever dawned upon Christopher, the Thief from Genoa. See: The Olmecs, Americas’ First Civilization.

The monumental mushrooming of the African population in the Americas during the 15th-18th centuries was chiefly attributed to the European Atlantic Slave Trade and to this very day there are evident traces of African influence, i.e., American English, the arts, fine and visuals, sculpture, music and varying religious worship practices. See Dr. Josef Ben Jochanan’s, The African Origins of the Major Western Religions, and The Black Man of the Nile and His Family. Information from a lesser known academician can be gathered from: Black God, an Introduction into the World’s Religions and Their Black Gods, author calls himself, Dr. Supreme Understanding.

As mentioned above, although academicians frequently publish new revelations and research on black life, past and present, yet there are Euro centrists, one in particularly, Mary Lefkowitz, and her feigned publication: Not Out of Africa: How Afrocentricity Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History, who continue to deny the values and achievements of Africans.

To add insult to injury has been the most recent of all denials: that Africans brought to the Americas came as involuntary Immigrants—a blatant an outrageous negation of the truth–shouldn’t this denial, too, be considered a crime?

European slavery, when critically studied, analyzed and evaluated, as to the organizational framework of the system, had an original Church sanctioning with Vatican corroboration at the outset, dividing the Church into two distinct entities: The White Church and the Black Church. Race Relations became the White community and the Black community and continued down that path for generations, as if to say, “That’s just the way it is.” And to assuage the anathema of the detriment, is to hear repeatedly, “It’s just a replication of history”.

And to those who insist that European slavery was patterned from ancient Egypt and Rome belie the fact, that those slave systems mainly consisted of persons taken as spoils of war or collateralized for payment of some delinquent contract but always with the opportunity to earn their freedom.

It must not be overlooked or underemphasized that to properly understand European slavery is to accept the fact that it functioned purportedly to Western ideology of Biblical hermeneutics, thus keeping slavery structured advantageously to underline the teachings of the White Church, controlled by religious hierarchies, and perpetrated and perpetuated on racism based on hue of flesh.

There were three major differences in the Atlantic Slave Trade that no other world slave systems have been able to surpass:

 Slavery was for life including all offspring born to that union.

Slaves were diminished to the realm of bestiality, creatures without souls.

Literacy practice was a sure means of ushering in death or dismemberment.

Nations profited grossly and continue to enjoy the bounty.


One of the most important Lands of Our Fathers outside of continental Africa is that Land once known as Edenic Africa or Canaan-later to become Palestine—today’s Israel–where remains appreciable traces of Hamitic peoples living as they did during first century, C. E., and identifying themselves as Moabites, Canaanites or acknowledging kinship to the original Hamitic Philistines. These inhabitants are neither related to the influx of Beta Israelites Jews from Ethiopia nor to the African-American Hebrew Israelite community residing in the desert town of Dimona. See photo gallery below:

What is important to comprehend from this discourse is: Africa, The Beginning. See map and text below:

It is somewhat astonishing to encounter some present-day professors of religion and history, who are not, or pretending not, to be cognizant that the present day Israeli flag recognizes the ancestral roots and ties to Egypt of antiquity or African Egypt. The exemplification of the nation’s flag:  the doubling crossed triangles that are distinctively the religious symbol of the Ancient Egyptian Taut/ Duat, representing, The Twelve Hours of the Night which has for more than 6000 years been the Egyptian originating symbol during the period of cult worshipers that existed before the people of that period were divided into distinct religious groups, Judaism, Christianity and Islam…and either unto thoughts of the Egyptian Underworld.

This exemplifies the signification of Africa, the beginning of the “Intelligent Light, Thoughts and Civilization,” as is distinctively extrapolated in Gerald Massey’s, “Egypt, the Light of the World”.

 Coming Soon:  Africa’s Gifts to Europe


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