In all my years of geopolitical and international studying, travelling and participating in intercontinental diversity circles and Think Tanks, it is difficult to recall, to my knowledge of modern world history, any record whatsoever, of there being a foreign country or a people that has been so wrongly and so inhumanely treated by the United States of America as our once prized neighbor to the South—Cuba—the Queen of the Caribbean, that offered Americans a delightful and colorful backyard-playground along with a steady and heaping bankroll.

Not too long ago, for those who have either studied or are of age to recall the appalling atrocities amassed upon the United States and its allies for almost a decade during World War II—the cruel and inhuman movement of the Nazi World regime aligned with its Nippon assassins, destroyers of cultures and artful accomplishments—that, immediately after the cessation of belligerencies, those previous American slogans arousing “Nazi and Jap” hate, so quickly morphed into cries of “love and forget” and reconciliatory wheels were put into motion, even before duds of mass destruction could be disengaged—there were the Marshal Plan and others USAID offerings to rebuild a genocidal Germany, and an atomized Japan.  December 7, 1941 became more compensatory and vibrantly taught in American classrooms than the 400 years of American slavery, the latter, continues to be treated as an afterthought that never occurred!

Freedom’s warming winds moved and calmly settled over Havana during the latter part of the1950’s and like a hoovering cloud it nestled over the deeply entrenched: International Sicilian Mafia, the United States capitalist moguls and other predatory juntas that were soon made to realize that the Cuban backdoor-exit had opened, and that the Free Cuba Revolution was uncaged, and furthermore, the once tenacious tentacles on the other side of the Atlantic would be forced to unshackle Havana and resuscitate the Cuban people. The “playground” was closing. “Take your marbles and go home,” that once comforting greased-palm of Fulgencio Batista (1952-1959), communist dictator, that had been such a comfort was no longer there—frolicking—marauding—trafficking sex slavery— was over!  And much to America’s chagrin: the cheap black labor that peopled tobacco and sugarcane fields and harvested for the American Fruit Company, too, was over!  Fun and profits, gone, forever! “History will absolve me.” The Revolution had become the nemesis to: “War, Racism and Economic Injustice, the Global Ravages of Capitalism”, as recited by Fidel Castro, Ocean Press, 2002.

Cuba for Cubans was the watershed moment that soon led to other geopolitical agendas:  Russia, and the Missile Crisis; United States Embargo; and a Cuban Wet Foot Dry Foot” policy—but not for Haitians. Today’s anti-Cuba rhetoric is the typical ploy devised in the ‘60’s during the Civil Rights Era when U.S. politicians ran on racial epithets to determine who could out “N” word the other.

Cuba, likewise, has become the hemispheric whipping post for many U.S. politicians who seem to have little regard or concern for the Cuban people.  “What’s this talk about Cuban Human Rights violations? Would the U.S. Cuban embargo still linger for more than 60 years if Cuba’s racial divide were in reverse?  The Island has a 75% Black 25% white racial demographic based upon the U.S.A. prerogatives in determining racial ethnicities.


Cuba’s Human Rights Violations in contrast to 500 years of African-American life in the United States in summary:

How much financial loss to present day African-American prosperity can be contributed to those major pogroms in African-American communities when de facto segregation law was: buy American from white Americans while in America, i.e., Rosewood, Florida, 1923; Wilmington, NC, 1998; Tulsa, Ok, 1921; New York City, 1900; The Red Summer,1919; East St. Louis, IL. 1917, just to mention a few.

How much land and/or real property has been commandeered from African-American since Reconstruction, (1887) to 2018?

How many African-American families can testify to cold-case murders and disappearances of loved ones from 1865-2018?

How much grand capital based on today’s market value have African-Americans lost from 1619-2018 due to years of enslavement, Jim Crow and present day racial discriminatory practices in hiring and wage distribution?.

How many African-American women, children, and men collectively have been abused, lynched and murdered without legal recompense or retribution since 1887-2018?

How long have African-Americans lived under some form or tenets of Communism: controlled and or denied freedom of speech and assembly; limited and or adulterated education; denied government entitlements, FHA Loans, G.I. Bill of Rights to education and resources; depraved access to fair suburbia housing and equal employment, etc.?

How many years have black men, women and youth lost constitutional privileges and entitlements by being falsely and unfairly  sentenced to incarceration purposefully to finance the Industrial prison systems and are now denied rights because of being a ‘felon’.

How many African-Americans within the last fifty years due to travel restrictions have lost contact with relatives in Cuba?

How many black men and women from the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s remain incarcerated as political prisoners?

How many Civil Rights workers and activists, i.e., the Black Panthers Party, the Southern Christian Leadership Council, Malcom X, etc., were marked for assassination as ordered by J. Edgar Hoover, the “wannabe” U.S. Gestapo?

Withal honesty and fairness and in view of the above, it is repeatedly stated: “Cuba is a country of many Human Rights violations and America is justified and praiseworthy to continue the plus 55 years old embargo”.

But the question remains: Why didn’t America place embargos on Iraq, Libya, and Syria rather than destroy or caused to be destroyed  icons of ancient and marvelous cities and at the same time inciting mass murder of so many innocent children?

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