Colorado State University, Fort, Collins

On the evening of April 22, 2017, The Africans United Student Organization at Colorado State University, Fort, Collins, honored James and Jill Zarend-Peebles of SANKOFA African Heritage Awareness, Inc for their yearly support and dedication. Among other things, Sankofa offers the organization transportation throughout the year for necessary travel, as well a monetary donation for the Africa Food Fest held each November.

James and Jill seated holding a dozen of South African Ludwig’s Roses after having read Africans United’s “Thank You Card”

The AU organization is comprised of an Executive Board and members from several African countries and the Diaspora who annually render a night of cultures, celebrating traditional and modern African life via songs, dances and drama–always, to an over capacity and receptive audience.  Excerpts from the evening:

Africans United’s Program and the Executive Board

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Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001 307-635-7094 [email protected]

Purpose and Mission: Organized indisputably as an educational institute to promote and advocate to academia and to all citizenry, at local, state and International levels- the ardent desire to study and become informed in African Diaspora civilizations and how to share this enlightenment with others.

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 Announcements an Upcoming SANKOFA Event 2022: The 11th Africa MAAFA Education Conference

October 8, 2022, Doors open at 8:30-Noon

Laramie County Community College, 1400 E. College Dr. Union Pacific Rooms for Conferences, Cheyenne, WY

Theme: Public Education and the Great Divide: Race-Culture-White Supremacy

Dr. Frederick Douglass Dixon, Head of Black Studies Department, University of Wyoming, Principal Speaker "Deconstructing the Negro Question in the Age of Rising American Nationalism. Including the 1890 1st Mohonk Conference on the Negro Question.

Nate Breen, Former Wyoming State and Cheyenne Boards of Education will speak of: Saving Our Public Schools, “New Charter School’s tie-in to Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan- “Cheyenne Hills Christian Academy.”

James Peebles, Founder and Director, Sankofa African Heritage Awareness, Inc.: “Notorious Negrophobic Books That Escaped Public Banning--Why?”

For Further Information contact Jill Zarend 307-635-7094 [email protected]