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 Announcements an Upcoming SANKOFA Event 2023: The 12th Africa MAAFA Education Conference

Sankofa African Heritage Awareness, Inc., a 501 c 3 education nonprofit presents the 12th Africa MAAFA Education Conference: America’s Apathy to African American Post Traumatic Enslavement and Jim Crow Disorders.

The conference will emphasize how 160 plus years after Reconstruction, including the Civil Rights Era of the sixties, have not been sufficient to completely extirpate the malignant and traumatic slave disorders in African American life due to the many persistent reminders. Medical, historical, and governmental records support the fact that some of these mental aberrations and physical impairments are determinants traceable to America’s enslavement and Jim Crow Eras.

Dr. Edith Cook, Saratoga, WY, journalist, lecturer, and educator will speak: Overcoming Societal Grief, and Self-inflicted Pain; Dr. Mohamed Salih, an African Studies guru: Africa’s Pain, Hope and Fears of a repetitive 1884 Berlin Conference; Jaquale Brooks-Richardson, B.A., Program Integrity Supervisor, Douglas County, Colorado:  Navigating America’s Unyielding Racial Divisions and Duplicities; Dr. James W.  Peebles: “The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same.”

The conference will be held at Laramie County Community College, Union Pacific Rooms, 1400 East College Drive, Saturday, October 14, from 8:30am-11:50am. The event is free, including refreshments. A vendor sale of prominent Black studies books will be available to purchase. For more information or special ADA arrangements, contact Jill Zarend at (307) 635-7094